Transaction Analysis… for Runners also ?

Recently, I attended a very good and interesting course on ‘Communication’ … yes, the kind of stuff we all fail to deal with every day at some level or in some situation. Part of the course material was a short introduction to Transaction Analysis (TA) which I found to be a very useful tool for the processing and evaluation of the everyday communication, be it professionally, as a parent, a partner or whatever.

Basically, TA is about considering ego-states and analyzing communication patterns on that premise. The basic model is shown on the illustration below.

Ego states

So, what is the deal here ? The deal is that when we communicate transactions should be complementary (parallel) rather than crossed… that is,  problems and poor comminication outcomes are more likely to occur in the latter case.

A crossed transaction

So… as one says ‘it takes two to communicate’ … well yes, and TA is about analyzing from which ego-states the two persons are ‘acting’ from. For business and professional purposes the ideal is to have a parallel transaction on the adult (=objective) level.

Now as  a Runner… can this be useful ? Well… when you blend in the ideas of personality parts from Psychosynthesis I believe you can ! I’ll have to think more about this and will elaborate in a future article. But for sure I think it will be meaningful to analyze one’s inner communication and self-talk inspired by the above model and concepts, especially when it comes to either quiting something or holding on forcefully.

‘Who’ are your inner actors and how do they communicate ? What does it mean to your motivation and to your results ?

Brutal Stuff !

My next marathon coming up this eastern is the very tough ‘Brutalis marathon’ in Aalborg, Denmark… for sure one of the toughest marathons in Denmark ! The route comprises three extreme hills, one being very long and two being very steep … and all this must be managed six times !

[gmap name=’mymap’ lat=’57.037554′ lng=’9.89233′ zoom=’12’ width=’400′ height=’400′]

See the route here ! And see you there !!  😉

Regards…. Tor 😉

Success at GARMIN Rudersdal marathon

Being a race Director what can more pleasing than having happy and satisfied customers ? Feeling the excitement and passion of all the participants ? That is just GREAT !

The fast group at GARMIN Rudersdal marathon 24-Feb-2008

Well, this past Sunday 24-Feb-2008 the fourth event of GARMIN Rudersdal marathon took place and everything went according to schedule ! What a delight ! So… I really enjoy looking back on this day…

… you can join me by viewing the pictures and video here !

German friends !

Life can take unexpected courses quite unintentionally. Take for example my marathonrunning. Who would have thought 6 years ago when I was not able to run even 2 km that I have now completed 68 marathons (in less than 4 years) !

Who would have known that running can bring you so many experiences and ‘friends’ all over the world. These days, I meet known faces whereever I run in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Germany. That is such a pleasure and is for me a very important dimension to the madness of all these marathons.

Lately, I’m getting quite a number of new German running buddies… very sweet and very dedicated people. I think no other Nation on Earth deliver a running event with such perfection and quality than Germany… and I find the Germans extremely friendly towards both each other and ‘us foreigners’. Delight… delight… delight !

The German Marathon Club 100 has displayed a little story about my site and my marathon stories, read here, I am very humble towards their attention and kind words ! I guess it makes sense to share the passion !

May the Force be with you 😉

Elbtunnel marathon 2008

Some marathons fall in a group we could call ‘eccentric races’. The Elbtunnel marathon in Hamburg, Germany is for sure one of them ! It is a race well organized by the German Marathon Club 100 ( and it takes place in the old Elbtunnel, ie. under water and in the two narrow tubes that the tunnel is made of. The marathon is completed after 48 1/2 round… my gosh ! Please find pictures from the race via my list ‘MY MARATHONS’ and watch the video of one whole round of this crazyness !

Heavy Metal

Take a good look at this picture 😉

Medals from the World Major Marathons

So – what is it ?

It is my finisher medals collected at the five World Major Marathons, the five greatest and most prestigeous marathon races in the World, i.e. the London, Berlin, New York, Boston and Chicago marathons.

I have had the pleasure to travel with the Danish ‘Marathon Travel’ to these races and with great expericences and friendships in the bag as well.

I can only recommend you to take on the challenge of collecting these heavy, hard earned pieces of metal ! You will meet the very moments of peak experience and personal fulfillment at these Majors !

You find, as always, pictures from these races in my list ‘MY MARATHONS’ in the menu at right (or use the links in the text above). 

31 marathons in 2007 !

Time to account for 2007: 31 completed marathons in the book and one DNF. Two months (Feb and Aug) with just one run.

31 marathons ! That is just insane !  Some of the biggest experiences were collected in the big city marathons like Barcelona, Rome, Boston, Vienna and Chicago… but for sure, many of the small races are close to the heart as well, cf. my previous post on the best marathons of 2007.

Another great goal was also reached, namely the completion of the ‘World Major Marathons’ … for me, done by Boston and Chicago in 2007 (Berlin, London and New York already done).

So…. time to be happy… best wishes for 2008 !

Happy Tor at Socialmarathon 31-DEC-2007

The best marathons in 2007

Just like last year, I give my you my take on the best marathons in 2007, i.e. amongst the ones I have participated in myself. Incredibly, it looks like that I will reach 31 marathons completed in 2007 alone (still have two to do during the Christmas holiday !) making it 66 in toto for me ultimo 2007.

I have divided the marathons into four groups. I have left ‘my own’ run GARMIN Rudersdal marathon out of my evaluation, of course I find that marathon to be a very, very special one – for a number of both subjective and objective reasons, but nevertheless I’ll not rank it here amongst the other races.

As always, you find links to the races via ‘My marathons’ in the menu.

1. Vienna (Austria)
2. Rome (Italy)
3. Barcelona (Spain)
4. Storebaelt Nature (Denmark)
5. Banemarathon (Denmark)

Big-city marathons
1. Vienna (Austria)
2. Rome (Italy)
3. Barcelona (Spain)
4. Boston (USA)
5. Chicago (USA)

1. Storebaelt Nature (Denmark)
    (well, and GARMIN Rudersdal ! ;))
2. Vänersborg (Sweden)
3. Magdeburg (Germany)
4. Natursti (Denmark)
5. Öland (Sweden)

 Small races
1. Storebaelt Nature (Denmark)
2. Banemarathon (Denmark)
3. Vänersborg (Sweden)
4. Sydkystmarathon (Denmark)
5. Zürich New Year Midnight marathon (Switerzerland)
    (DNF for me, but a great experience !)

These are lists based on my personal experiences, of course. To mentain memory of the best races ‘ever’, I better have a category of the ‘all-time best’ marathons as well. Here, the big marathons do live up to their famous names !

Best ever
1. New York (USA)
2. Hamburg (Germany)
3. Vienna (Austria)
4. Rome (Italy)
5. Berlin (Germany)

Glenn Gould on Marathon

Glenn Gould on Marathon ? Well, actually… no. It is Glenn Gould on Art:

The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.

                                                                 Glenn Gould

These words cover so many things in my life, actually, including the persuit of the many marathons. A ladyfriend once suggested that running the marathons is a kind of escapism ? Well, no ! I can understand this kind of ignorance as most ‘normal’ people fail to know themselves, to really look into the deepest and darkest corners of their minds and to confront themselves. I fall in the opposite category: I do not know how not to.

My personal experience is that true happyness and ‘self-love’ is achieved through these lifelong relationships and interests, for my part given in music, chess, spirituality, Nature (especially mountains), skiing, travelling… and… well, yes, I could go on a bit. These days MY MARATHONS, obviously, are my highway No. 1  to transcendence and self-appreciation (not to mention all the great fun, visits to interesting cities and countries and all the many good friends that the marathons have spinned off). 

I don’t mention persons. Of course, love is first and foremost achieved by the love to the important persons in our lives ! However, unlike the things above persons tend to come and go throughout a lifetime… love-affairs begin and end, children grow up and move away, one job is followed by another etc., so if you base your hopes of happyness on others entirely, you will end up short one day, it may come late – but it will come ! What do you do then ? See ?

So – get into a relationship durable for the rest of your life. With yourself ! For example, try on a marathon 😉 

50 marathons in 22 months !

Well, I guess it is nothing extraordinary after all… but it counts a bit for me ! 

This past Saturday, I completed my marathon number 60 since my debut in May 2004, and the race was my marathon number 50 within 22 calendar months (actually, run number 51 in the timespan of the past 22 months).

Well, it changes nothing, really… the important thing is always the next run… and I take one run at a time. I enjoy one run at a time.

Surely, as time passes by… experience and numbers do add up… but I tend to focus on… “this run”, i.e. being in the present moment.