Improve your chess

By Dr. Tor Rønnow

Here are the links to my NLP model work on becomming an expert chess player. I believe I actually made the first on-line study and survey in the world of this kind (in 1999 !)…and only in the recent years, chess grandmasters have picked up on the idea of using modeling in teaching chess. The study was cited on “The Week In Chess /TWIC” and is linked to from numerous chess sites all-over the world. The articles were even translated to German and Portugeuse.

The model describes how you study chess and play chess like a chess expert, and the model is partly based on an interview with the Danish Grand Master Peter Heine Nielsen (GM), the coach of the Norwegian prodigy Magnus Carlsen ! Give it a read.

Here is the model for the play phase, ie. the thoughts and ‘operations’ recommended for making the best chess move.

Make the best chess move !

The articles:

NLP model work (in English): Become a Good Chess Player

NLP Model Work (in Danish): Modelering og forståelse af skakexperter’s evner