scrum in 7 seconds

I have had the pleasure of meeting and discussing stuff with Jeff Sutherland, one of the founders of Scrum.

In short, Scrum is a framework that facilitates development of software in an efficient, adaptive and agile manner. There are a number of things in Scrum I really appreciate, especially the empirical approach to project challenges and the  emphasis on the dynamics and synergy of teams.

I will maintain a short overview of Scrum ressources on this page, included in my own “Scrum in 7 seconds” guide. This is an quick and fast way into the concepts of Scrum.

Feel free to email me with corrections, suggestions and additions both to the page and to the guide.

You find the key concepts of Scrum expained in 10 different worksheets each easily glimpsed.

Tor Rønnow: Scrum in 7 seconds (.xls-document)