Climbing ladders

Oh well.. I guess I have been quite “down” for a while, now it is time to climb up again. Weather shifts, psychology shifts. We are here to experience these shifts, we are not the shifts themselves.. even though it feels like it at times. If you feel bad at mood, life is bad. Wrong. It is your feelings about it. Feelings change over time.

Unlike (so many) others I do not pretend and unlike (so many) others I confront stuff even when it may have direct negative impact on myself. I believe it brings a better result overall. Confrontation is the process where you find out what is real and what isnt. Find out who your real friends are, find out who really loves you, find out what you really love yourself. Living a fake life based on lies and withheld truths is for the imbeciles.

I prefer reality on the rocks – not a superficial and manipulated sugerdrink for babies. And lets face it: real reality just feels like plain crap at times. Sometimes we are just very sad and unhappy, each for our reasons. This is a trivial fact – but it is still, in 2010, kind of taboo to admit it. Sometimes, everything just really sucks.

This is when we need the ability to analyse and evaluate, to choose new paths, to give ourselves rebirth and to rise from the burned pasts like the Phoenix bird. This is when we need to climb the ladders in our internal psychology. This is when we need others and perhaps something. Something to do, something to believe in, something to explore. I have many “somethings” and running is for sure one of them. Chess, music and travels are others. Indeed, I could live entire lives in each of my many “somethings”.

But as for now there is only this and one life. It is time to smile again and to seek stuff and to be with the loved ones. Time to climb those ladders. Watch out 😉