The best Marathons in 2012

By tradition, I hereby give my you my take on the best marathons in 2012, i.e. amongst the ones I have participated in myself. Best does not necessarily mean ‘objectively best’ but does also emphasize the magnitude of the experience including ‘other’ factors such as city/nature facilities etc. not to mention my own performance.

I have divided the marathons into four groups and as always, you find links to the races via ‘My marathons’ in the menu.

1. Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon (Denmark)
2. Jungfrau Marathon (Switerzerland)
3. BMW Berlin Marathon (Germany)
4. Prague Marathon (Czech Republic)
5. Vienna Marathon (Austria)

City marathons
1. Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon (Denmark)
2. BMW Berlin Marathon (Germany)
3. Prague Marathon (Czech Republic)
4. Vienna Marathon (Austria)
5. Hamburg Marathon (Germany)

Nature runs
1. Jungfrau Marathon (Switerzerland)
2. Stockholm Jubileum Marathon (100 years 1912-2012) (Sweden)
3. Venice Marathon (Italy)
4. Kalkminemarathon [Limestone Mine Marathon] (Denmark)
5. LøbeMagasinet Rudersdal (Denmark)

Small races
1. Dr. Nielsens (Denmark)
2. Kalkminemarathon [Limestone Mine Marathon] (Denmark)
3. Kalundborg Vintermarathon (Denmark)
4. Sydkyst (Denmark)
5. Skinnermarathon (Denmark)

These are lists based on my personal experiences, of course. To mentain memory of the best races ‘ever’, I have a category of the ‘all-time best’ marathons as well. Here, the big marathons do live up to their famous names !

Best ever
1. New York (USA)
2. Zermatt (Switerzerland)
3. London (England)
4. Rome (Italy)
5. Chicago (USA)