Month: April 2010

Hamburg marathon 2010

Finally, I made it again to participate in Hamburg marathon – what a joy !

Not only is Hamburg marathon perhaps the best marathon in Europe it was also the last on my list that I did not have pictures from as yet. Yesterday, Sunday 25-Apr-2010 changed that and my collection is now complete !

So… Hamburg marathon 2010… what to say ? I guess one word captures it all: FANTASTIC !!! The organization was as always German “spitzenklasse”, the weather was warm and sunny and the crowds were amazing.. making the whole event truly outstanding ! Furthermore, my friend Stephan Grabow and I were dressed up as Darth Vader and Spiderman which made the run even more cheerful.

You find the entire set of pictures from Hamburg marathon 2010 here.

Friendship and Consequence

Did you ever read the book “Pensees” by Blaise Pascal ? It’s filled with deep and eternal hinsights… lets take a spicy one here:

Few friendships would survive if each one knew what his friend says of him behind his back
Blaise Pascal

Now… isnt that interesting ? Even more… what consequence do we act with upon “mistakes” or very probable breaks of “friendship code of conduct” … codex, if you like. If you piss inside the Circle of Trust ?

Well… in my world things are very clear… Im totally on line with Pascal ! So if you maintain my trust, you have a friend for life… and if you betrey me, you loose. Instantly. End of Friendship and end of story !