First marathon drop-out

Ok, so I didn’t make it, I had to drop out of the Zürich New Years marathon. The day was like this for me: up 06.30, eating, talking with the police to get a provisorial passport as my real one was ‘unavailable’, 08.45 Socialmarathon started on Amager (Copenhagen), I finished in 5.08, then back to home, passport had become available (thank God !), 17.30 driving to the airport, 20.00 take-off to Zürich, then local trains to Schlieren, walking to race area, changing, waiting, race start at 00.00 01/01/2007 ! Running with head lamps in absolute darkness on both sides of a canal system was just amazing ! But…after 2 hrs 53 and 23.74 km minuttes my right knee said ‘STOP’ and I had to obey…risking serious injuries is just not my game. I was picked up by car after 10 minutes of waiting, that was great service. Then, after a shower, I was waiting 2 hours for the trains to run again…then back to the airport…sleeping 3 hours on two chairs…and take-off at 12.00 01/01/2007. What an adventure…and even though I did not finish the race I learned a lot from the experience, stuff that I will use in the races to come. HAPPY NEW YEAR !