Does the word ‘spirituality’ scare you ?

What is spirituality ? Even after 35 years of thinking about it, I dont know. I can remember, quiete clearly, that I was questioning the meaning and purspose of life at the age of five ! I know that I have consumed large amounts of New Age litterature, philosophy books and psycology stuff since my early teens. Searching. These days I tend to believe that spirituality is now and that it is simple. That it is being present … with your loved ones, commited to a job, to your values, to your religion. That it is the wind whistling in the trees during a run, the smile on your childrens face, the sighs of your lover. That it is you being rooted and connected with the Earth and the earthly things. Dish your daily table with love – and be the best you can for yourself and others. That is spirituality – and not scary.