End of year three

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My first marathon was in Copenhagen, Denmark almost three years ago, ie. the 16.05.2004.

Thus, my personal marathon year spands from the 16th of May each year. With my race in Vienna just this weekend, I have now completed my first three years of marathon running…and it has been quite a surprising programme…a schedule I would never have forseen or thought possible :

First year: 4 marathons, including Berlin and London !

Second year: 12 marathons, including Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dublin, Elbtunnel, Paris and Hamburg.

Third year: 28 marathons, including, well, too many to mention… New York, Boston, Rome, Barcelona, Vienna and Monschau on top. Not to mention ‘my own’ event GARMIN Rudersdal marathon.

You can find picture and stories from most of these races via ‘My marathons’ from the menu at the page right. 

I am planning to step down a little and do mainly Scandinavian races for the next time to come. See you out there ! 

Best wishes for your races, Tor 😉


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