The State of Bliss and Purpose

At last I know.

I have been in doubt my whole life. I have asked myself existentialistic questions ever since I was 5 (I actually remember such quite clearly). I have put my entire family in the grave. I have turned my back to the education and the science (chemistry) that I once loved so dearly. I have had many love affairs only to see them disappear again.  In short, I have in a sense lost everything a man can lose in life.

At last I know why.

I cannot reveil this as yet, but it will become the essense of what is to become my lifetime manifesto. It will blow you away. It will transform you. It will make you connect to your higher reality. It will make you say “I knew this guy” and people will say “really ?”.

To feel that every single second of your life is accounted for is an extremely overwhelming thing and to think that all the studies in life, in relations, in the music and arts, in the psychology and the literature suddenly add up and make sense… is just incredible.

I just know. At last. Time to write.