A Marathon Requiem for my Friends

As you might know Death has played a major role in my life. I have lived through things you wouldn’t believe. I have possessed hinsights from the age of 7 that many people never realize during a lifetime. Still, I only show my true mental strength in glimpses and feel that I cannot reveil my full potential or knowledge to anyone. Basically, I have a complexity that I know that most poeple cannot grasp or handle.  I read most people in seconds. I look through it all, through you all. It is a burden at times, most times, because I have to pretend that I don’t. But I do. I truly hate it !

Death has also taken pray in recent times. Thus, I, we, have lost three running mates during the last 16 months. These losses are naturally different from the family ones, however, they still trigger some of the same feelings and thoughts… and to elaborate on the perhaps cryptic intro: for me, the loss of my three friends makes me think a lot about the deep existentialistic questions that I think we all face. Why are we here ? What shall we do with our lives ? What is of importance ? What happens “afterwards” ?

On the latter let me tell you this: nothing ! And if you knew how fast the World will forget you as dead, I think you would reschedule your life as living quite a lot ! At best, you will be remembered by the ones that knew you in person… but how long will they live after you ? 30 years ? 40 years ? If you have produced “stuff” as a scientist, artist or successful entrepreneur your name and fame might hang around a bit more… but make no mistake, your materialistic or abstract outlets in the Universe has nothing to to with “life”. YOU will be dead ! And your Vanity dies with you.

So what is important ? Friendship is important ! Sharing moments together eg. when running marathons is important. Reaching tough deadlines with your collegues is important. Rasing your kids well is important. Searching for good values and habits is important. Being true to yourself and your own nature is important. There are indeed heaps of reasons for being curious about life, about love, about running experiences, about new things to happen. Don’t let anyone tell you the opposite, ever !

I had the priviledge to enjoy the friendships of René Fasting (died two days after his first marathon triplet),

Philip Ulrich (killed by a odd-falling rock in Nepal),

and John West (killed on Mont Blanc).

They were very accomodating and warm men, and I had some very profound talks and writings with all three of them. Now, it is time to follow up. It is time to say: “you are still here”. In my mind and heart at the least.

Furthermore, it is time to make a spiritual promise: “I will fullfil my true potential !“. Because I still live and have the possibility. We all have. Remember and understand: Every day is a luxury and the potential beginning of a new adventure, of new friendships, of fun and experiences. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life and if you put your mind and heart to it, you may truly change your Reality forever. NOW is the time to act. NOW is the center of power. We who live should take on our responsibility.

So, René, Philip and John, I have decided to transform and to unleash my full capacity. You will find me doing new stuff from now on… and you will find me continuing the things I deeply love, including running marathons and meeting up with our many common, wonderful and a bit crazy friends. I will check out the hot girls for you, tell the dirty jokes and shoot the stories and pictures from the races. Who knows if you are following or if we meet again…

… but until, I will take care of things down here… until it, hopefully in many years from now, become my turn to face the silent, eternal sleep.

Thank you so much for the inspiration !