The Eternity of Bruckner

So it seems that I have at last passed my two-year long “Bach-phase” and is entering a Bruckner (and perhaps Mahler ?) phase. The Bruckner Symphonies are SO haunting, so powerful and so majestetic that only the tunes themselves justify such words. Listen up !

The long-draggged crescendoes have been snugged into many a motion-picture soundtrack, Avatar being one of the latest on the list, and you could say that these symphonies emulate all big stories in life or each of our lifestories, ups and downs, loveaffairs, tragedies. The beauty and struggles of a marathon could also be told by each of the pieces.. well.. I guess we could make whatever context befitting.

My favorites just now would be Bruckner no. 4, 7 and 8, the latter the by far loudest and perhaps most well-written of all the Symphonies of Bruckner. Go explore yourself !