Another great book is ‘Pensees’ (Thoughts) by the medieval french philosopher Blaise Pascal. Great, and perhaps forgotten, hinsights are to be found in this book. Here’s a few on vanity:

148. We are so presumptuous that we would wish to be known by all the world, even by people who shall come after, when we shall be no more; and we are so vain that the esteem of five or six neighbours delights and contents us.

149. We do not trouble ourselves about being esteemed in the towns through which we pass. But if we are to remain a little while there, we are so concerned. How long is necessary? A time commensurate with our vain and paltry life.

As rightly stated in the great movie ‘Dangerous Liasons’ with Michelle Pfeiffer, Glenn Close and John Malcovich: “Vanity and happiness are incompatible”.

Give it a deep tought, you !

Rudersdal marathon – press release

Today, a press release has been sent to various Danish newspapers and likewise on the forthcoming ‘Rudersdal marathon’. The link to the race page is here:

I’m happy to announce that some of the most experienced Danish and Swedish marathoners are participating, including Erhard Filtenborg, Anders Much Madsen and the swede Lennart Skoog, all with 300+ races on their CV. We all look forward to a beautiful day on the ‘RudersdalRuten’ the 11. feb. 2007 !


Woods, Federer and me

Well, I can understand if the headline just may stike you as odd. However, this post is just to mark that Sunday the 28-01-2007 was just a perfect day for us all three, well, for me and my two biggest idols in the world of sports and human achievement.

For me: running my 37’th marathon (in the old St. Pauli Elbtunnel in Hamburg, Germany) and putting a small knee injury behind me. 

For Tiger Woods: winning his 7’th consecutive PGA-tour win and 55’th in toto.

For Roger Federer: winning the Australian Open for the third consecutive year and without giving away a single set during the tournament, a feat not seen in the Mens Grand Slam singles since Björn Borg’s similar accomplishment in 1980.

My congratulations to Woods and Federer, you guys truely inspire and motivate !

Run for hope !

I have created the initiative RUN FOR HOPE and invite all runners world-wide to share this mind-set:

Each time you participate in an official race, give a small donation to charity !

I invite all Danish runners to donate to RUN FOR HOPE, however, you may also donate directly to a charity organisation of your own choise. Either way, mark your donation ‘RUN FOR HOPE’ to focus your mind-set to the thought that each time you give yourself the pleasure and the luxury of running an official race, you also help others in need, and that you in this mind-set is a part of a greater running community.

Join the initiative – strenghen your mind and body – and help others on your way !

New blog design

As you may have noticed, I have changed the theme for the blog. You can alter between different wallpapers by clicking the small squares up left – go on, dont be shy. I’ll change the wallpapers from time to time, reflecting my latest races and current interests.

Rudersdal marathon

Im inviting you to a series of group marathons on the ‘Rudersdal marathon’ route hear Holte/Birkerød at Copenhagen, please read (in Danish) here: The races will be organized partly together with some of the participants, and I have consulted several of the most experienced marathon runners in Denmark about the set-up and validity of the races. Im happy to announce that the races are endorsed by these well-known danish marathon personalities ! Please sign up to this new marathon event near Copenhagen !