Danish Nature Marathons

We do not have very adventurous Nature in Denmark like mountains and stuff, however we do have other kinds of scenic eye-pleasers… in the landscapes, that is 😉

Last weekend I participated in the very cosy ‘Beer Marathon’ arranged by my running friend Michael Nielsen. The race was very demanding and it was only barely that I managed not to pull a DNF. There was food and party after the race, a very nice occasion to speak with the running mates… when not running. You can see pictures from Beer marathon here.

Seeland Double
Then this past weekend, my running mate Anders Munch Madsen and I closed two beautiful Nature Marathons on Seeland, Denmark. Saturday we ran GARMIN Rudersdal Cannonball 5 which was as usually a nice but also quite tough run. You find the dripping wet pictures here .

Then Sunday we ran the awaited Nature Marathon starting in Slagelse, this race being the best marathon in Denmark the past two years. Well, several other races content for that prize as well so it is difficult to be very conslusive… but it is indeed for certain that Nature Marathon is a uniquely beautiful, challenging and even fun marathon to complete. You find the 2009 pictures here.

Soduko Tips

Did you notice that a Soduko grid is made up by three permutating pairs in each main row and each main column section of the grid ? No ? Well, it is. Every time, even. This hinsight is of great value when you’re working your way to a solution of a Soduko puzzle. Try it on ! I have explained the whole thing on the page, just follow the link in the side menu, or below. 

So, take a look at my permanent page with my personal Soduko tips here. I do hope that my tips and tricks may help you to sqeeze the air out of those nasty Soduko puzzles !