Press section update

Various articles have been added to the press section.

I am especially delighted with my contributions on the new ambitious website “Motion Danmark”, a new and important country-wide initiative to get people to be physically active. Added also is various articles on the book ELSK AT LØBE.

You may enjoy the reading listening to the beautiful song below. I’m not sure if the lyrics was written for me but I guess it could have. Both ways.


Updating the press section

Monday, I had the pleasure to appear on live television in Denmark, namely in “Aftenshowet” (DR1) where Bente Klarlund and I talked a bit about running and a very tiny bit about our book “ELSK AT LØBE – med Maratonbogen“. If you missed it, see it here. It was great fun to be in live broadcast and the staff was very friendly and professional. Just great !

I have updated my “in the press” section with the link above and various other stuff from this year.

On the blog

New blog design

As you may have noticed, I have changed the theme for the blog. You can alter between different wallpapers by clicking the small squares up left – go on, dont be shy. I’ll change the wallpapers from time to time, reflecting my latest races and current interests.

On the blog

Welcome to the blog

This is my blog on mainly running but also other topics. This is a personal site and does not reflect thoughts, feelings or interests relevant to or connected with my professional working life in any point of time.