Eternity in slow-motion

Posted by Torr | Music,Spirituality | Saturday 30 January 2010 14:23

Whilst the Title could easily cover one of my marathons it actually hints to the linked video of the legend conductor Celibidache and the Berliner Philharmonics performing the 7th Symphonie of Anton Bruckner. Do open the video in a new window (music starts at 1.40 minutes), sit back, close your eyes and listen. Listen ! (and ps: the recording is amazing, the 2. satz being the most beautiful… another interpretation is by Furtwängler below).

Both Celibidache, Furtwängler and Brucnker are long gone. Dead. One day we will be too… and all our efforts, experiences, feelings, memories and stories will come to an end, perhaps remembered for a while by a handful of people and then with them turn into forever dust. Gone and absorbed into the great cycle of time and matter. We only pay a short visit, really. But it is a delight to think that this music and these tunes will continue to exist, continue to thrill and enlighten new generations to come, to inspire and to guide.

With the flux of these tunes through the body and out of my arms and hands, I lift my entire life and snapshot every memorable moment against a blue sky and relive eons and eaons again, compressed and contained in a second or two. I dissolve into light and shine so brightly that all History blinds. I become Atlas, carrier of the World, I become the creator and vitness of all times and destinies from birth to grave, lifting villages to Empires and see the rise and fall of Civilizations. All this bursts into one übermoment in Time.

Then all is black.

The Eternity of Bruckner

Posted by Torr | Music,Spirituality | Monday 25 January 2010 17:54

So it seems that I have at last passed my two-year long “Bach-phase” and is entering a Bruckner (and perhaps Mahler ?) phase. The Bruckner Symphonies are SO haunting, so powerful and so majestetic that only the tunes themselves justify such words. Listen up !

The long-draggged crescendoes have been snugged into many a motion-picture soundtrack, Avatar being one of the latest on the list, and you could say that these symphonies emulate all big stories in life or each of our lifestories, ups and downs, loveaffairs, tragedies. The beauty and struggles of a marathon could also be told by each of the pieces.. well.. I guess we could make whatever context befitting.

My favorites just now would be Bruckner no. 4, 7 and 8, the latter the by far loudest and perhaps most well-written of all the Symphonies of Bruckner. Go explore yourself !

Blue in Green

Posted by Torr | Music,Spirituality | Tuesday 2 September 2008 21:01

If only.

If only I could keep the state of being Blue in Green…

… when things go astray…
… when the kids are fighting…
… when work is stressfull…
… when the others are annoying…

Sure sounds like Miles Davis found a path to bliss, eternal transcendence and humor as well. If only one could keep such moments during the tougher and often daily chaotic times of life. If only !

Glenn Gould on Marathon

Posted by Torr | Marathon,Music,Spirituality | Tuesday 4 December 2007 19:41

Glenn Gould on Marathon ? Well, actually… no. It is Glenn Gould on Art:

The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.

                                                                 Glenn Gould

These words cover so many things in my life, actually, including the persuit of the many marathons. A ladyfriend once suggested that running the marathons is a kind of escapism ? Well, no ! I can understand this kind of ignorance as most ‘normal’ people fail to know themselves, to really look into the deepest and darkest corners of their minds and to confront themselves. I fall in the opposite category: I do not know how not to.

My personal experience is that true happyness and ‘self-love’ is achieved through these lifelong relationships and interests, for my part given in music, chess, spirituality, Nature (especially mountains), skiing, travelling… and… well, yes, I could go on a bit. These days MY MARATHONS, obviously, are my highway No. 1  to transcendence and self-appreciation (not to mention all the great fun, visits to interesting cities and countries and all the many good friends that the marathons have spinned off). 

I don’t mention persons. Of course, love is first and foremost achieved by the love to the important persons in our lives ! However, unlike the things above persons tend to come and go throughout a lifetime… love-affairs begin and end, children grow up and move away, one job is followed by another etc., so if you base your hopes of happyness on others entirely, you will end up short one day, it may come late – but it will come ! What do you do then ? See ?

So – get into a relationship durable for the rest of your life. With yourself ! For example, try on a marathon ;)  


Posted by Torr | Music,Spirituality | Sunday 25 November 2007 23:22

What is Time ? Does it exist ? Does it behave the way we think, it does ? Did you even consider that there are different Time theories ? Read here or google around !

Personally, I believe that the Time dimension is far from known or that the Time dimension behaves differently than our immediate linear experience ‘tells’ us, differently as a consequence of other dimensions yet to be discovered and described. To me, Time could be nonexistent or it could be multidimentional.

Most of all, Time could be Fourier-Transformed in its nature, ie. all moments of time are described in a single point of Time. I know this sounds very weird, but that is my intuition and I think, actually, that it aligns with personal experience. My experience, anyways.

Feeding your Mind: Music !

Posted by Torr | Music | Thursday 22 November 2007 14:27

Always, hold on to your own capacity for the beautiful things in life: love, joy, truthfullness, children, Nature, body pleasures, spiritual teachings.

And…music…ahh, music ! How often has the music not come to rescue in our life. Music adds the perspective, music blends the feelings, music empowers, music sets a state… that is, if you know how and which music to use. For you personally.

One great spiritual singer is Lisa Gerrard… if you liked the music in the movies ‘Gladiator’ or ‘The Insider’, you’ll remember her voice. I can recommend buying her records… go on.. add some beauty to your life !