Congratulations, Larsen !

Posted by Torr | Chess | Friday 5 March 2010 11:29

Yesterday the best Danish chessplayer of all times, Bent Larsen (“Larsen”) turned 75.

More on this world-famous star can be fould in this celebration. Congratulations, Larsen !

Magnus Carlsen – the Norwegian Chess Genius !

Posted by Torr | Chess | Wednesday 18 November 2009 18:36

Norwegian genius ?

Let me think… Henrik Abel (mathematics), Edward Grieg (composer) and Edward Munch (painter).
That’s about it, isnt it ?

No !

Today, young Magnus Carlsen grabbed his first World Champion Title in Chess, ie. in speedchess and totally destroying all opposition on his way. Incredible ! And this comes only a few weeks after his phenomenal win at the M-Tel Masters tournament where he prevailed with a stellar +6 score out of 10 against the strongest players on the Planet.

Carlsen has recently been trained by the perhaps strongest chessplayer ever, Gary Kasparov, and this collaboration has for sure been fruitful already, Carlsen currently being the highest ranked chessplayer in the World. Congrats !!!

Fischer dies, Carlsen lives !

Posted by Torr | Chess | Friday 18 January 2008 19:27

Do you have the intelligence to appreciate the beauty and complexity of Chess ? Well, if not you are missing out on something that can fill you with both pleasure and frustration during a lifetime.

Today, one of the greatest chess-lifetimes ended… the legendary american and former World Champion Bobby Fischer died at age 64… as per one year per square on the chessboard. Fischer was the first from the West to claim the title during the cold war, defeating Boris Spasskij in the infamous match on Iceland in 1972. Fischer was a child prodigy and his style of play was like cold, cynical logic. Thanks for sharing, Bobby !

Since the best days of Fischer the World has witnessed the best human chessplayer in history, Garry Kasparov. Kasparov’s style of play was more colourful, at times perhaps unsettled, and his strong karisma undoubtfully added to his opponents nerves and lack of well-being ;) . Kasparov has now stepped down, and his former favorite challengers Anand, Kramnik, Topalov and Kamsky have in turn ruled the great game.

But these days things are turning ! Actually, perhaps the greatest of all the chess child prodigys are ready to take over the chess world, ie. the young Norwegian boy Magnus Carlsen is unfolding extreme power. Just these days, Carlsen is thrilling the whole chess world by his creative play at the strong Corus Tournament, Carlsen actually leads as these words are written. 

NLP Chess Model is now translated to English !

Posted by Torr | Chess | Thursday 7 June 2007 21:57

The model describes how you study chess and play chess like a chess expert, and the model is partly based on an interview with the Danish Grand Master Peter Heine Nielsen (GM), the coach of the Norwegian prodigy Magnus Carlsen ! Give it a read, Im sure you will find it useful !

The NLP model work (in English):
Become a Good Chess Player

See also the articles via the menu.


The Return of the lost Chess Survey

Posted by Torr | Chess | Friday 2 March 2007 00:36

In 1999 I conducted the first online chess survey on the planet !

The results were published in a series of articles, both online and in printed magazines, including the Danish ‘Skakbladet’ and were even translated to several lanuguages.

Here, I bring the articles back on-line: