Who is Tor ?

Born 1966 in Denmark, orphaned at age 7, grew up on a boarding school.

Dr. Tor Rønnow, happy after a marathon run

Life-long interests include classical music, jazz, arts, skiing, mountain-hiking, chess, literature and spirituality. On the latter, I have spend a lifetime studying New Age stuff, the great religions, the indians (and othter nature-folks), psychology, philosophy and science. I hold a NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (1999) and have both taught NLP and had private clients.

Career stuff: M.Sc. in Chemistry 1991 and Ph.D. in 1994 (at age 27). Short carreer as a scientist researcher, then jumped to IT (easily took a MCSD in 2001, Scrum Master 2001, MCPD in 2012). Currently working with software development and sales – please read my LinkedIn profile for my CV.

Goal for 2018 is to maintain a weekly base of +50 km and to visit new countries.

Runningwise I consider myself to be an enthusiastic amateur with great will-power to look into things and to endure. See my list of races and pictures/videos.

Spiritual and psychological outlook
As a person, I try to be nice and accommodating towards all fellow humans, and my perspective is to think and act according to the UN Human Rights (do read !).

I have had the fortune to travel a lot in my life, and I know by experience that love and happiness exists everywhere, despite harsh conditions, poverty and the like. Unhappiness exists primarily in our minds, in the Western World most often due to low self esteem, vanity and the ‘comparison game’. I fight this every day too, like most of us… I’m quite aware of it. Are you ? Well, most people are not… they project their own insecurity and shortcomings onto others and this destroyes so much in the World, in relationships and in love. I can confirm the truth in the sentense “Happiness and Vanity are incompatible“.

Daily deeds
For me, activity, play, love and Nature are the great things to enjoy each day, be it with your loved ones, your collegues, your friends or alone. Be very careful to select positive, loveable and developing thoughts every day, and be careful to choose the right words and tone when you speak. I believe our thoughts and words possess immense power !

You can always contact me on tor@temperance.dk and I will always help you if I can.

May the Force and your God be with you !

Best regards… Dr. Tor Rønnow, Denmark