Challenge Copenhagen ECCO BIOM Marathon 2012

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So, after 255 marathons you may ask if running marathons is still funny and still possible to experience something new ?


Actually, every race exists in it’s own right and no two days are the same. But still, some events stand more out than others. Obviously. And let me tell you about a marathon that I will remember for quite a while, namely the marathon within the Challenge Copenhagen Ironman event, the ECCO BIOM Marathon. I participated on a relay team and had, surprise, the marathon “task”. Hey, WHAT a fun thing to tun a marathon in a completely different context than usual. I started day the by watching the Ironmen cycling nearby my home…

…. and only several hours later I found myself in action.

The event was extremely well organized and the day was very warm and sunny and despite a rather severe stomachache I managed to prevail and thus cross the finish line together with my team mates Bettina Honoré and Anders Adrian. Thanks for a wonderful experience and well done (swmming, bicycling) !

I really recommend the Challenge Copenhagen event, see you next year !

See all the pictures here: Challenge Copenhagen ECCO BIOM Marathon 2012

PS: Gotta share this picture from the race 😉

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