The Flux of Life and Matter

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Watch the video above in full screen and 720 dpi resolution. You may think WTF, nothing is going one here and this is seemingly the case. Yet, this video contains everything you would ever want to know about our existence. Let me share my thoughts.

I remember at age 6 sitting by this very spot in the Norwegian mountains, it was an unusually sunny and warm day and I was together with my granddad on my mothers side. I remember thinking exactly what I will write in the following. I was thinking that sitting by this peaceful and soothing “river” was a unique moment never to come back. I was filled with love to Nature and to experience the calmness that only mountains can give you. I was thinking that this water would keep on running for years and centuries in complete disregard of mine nor my grandfathers nor anybodies existence (indeed, he, and my father, died the following year), in complete neglect of our feelings, dreams, hopes, lives. I found this to be a great comfort ! That the flux of Life and Matter continues long after the short visit we Humans pay on Earth. People may be born and raised and die, wars may be fought, Kingdoms may be destroyed, the water keeps on running, the Flux of Matter continues. Uncaringly.

So, “what matters ?” did I think. “Does anything ?”. The answer was all around me. The warmth of the sun, the love of my grandfather, the sounds and the mountain we had to concur that day. Our little goals in life, insignificant to the vaster landscapes but important to us. The belonging to time and place. The thought that we just exist, that we cannot fail. That the water will keep on running anyhow. That you need to love the stuff you are doing, that you have to caretake and collect the unique moments of Life, not beceause they matter much but because they matter to you.

I have visited this little river many times since in my Life and revisited these thoughts. And even though the old Indian saying goes that “you cannot swim in the same river twice”  (the river has changed and so have you) I still find myself back at age 6 and in the same comfort that Nature is at fix and that everything worth knowing always have been and always will be, that I have been fortunate enough to understand, that the mountains will outlive me, that one sunny day may represent an eon and make up for insights and feelings to remain for a lifetime.

So please understand: The Flux of the elements is eternal – we are not. Use your Time with Love and Wisdom.

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