A Season of Faith’s Perfection

Losing family obliges us to find our family.
Not always the family that is our blood but the family that can become our blood.

These words are from the movie “Finding Forrester”, a poetic and beautiful movie that coins what Friendship and Faith is all about. The Title of this post is also from the movie, a Title that describes my current state of mind and being so extremely well. I feel so full of hope for this year and in so many respects. Let me elaborate a bit.

Firstly, things look really cool at work. I seldom write about my work and I will not begin to, so I will just pass on that I basically and generally really really do enjoy my job (nerdy IT stuff) and that I thrive with my colleagues. I spend quite a bit of my capacity each day on work-tasks so it is by no means trivial that these things are interesting and challenging. They are !  And this Season look better than ever ! Woo-hoo !

More importantly, things look really NEW on my personal level both within the Running business and in the Spiritual Department. Runningwise, I have set myself the goal to cut off 22 minutes of my current marathon PB/PR on 4.06.45. The means to accomplish this  goal involve a weight loss of 12 kg and a totally rewritten approach to my training. It feels good, it feels fun, it feels right ! Thus, I have great Faith in the marathon experiences lined up for 2011.

Spiritually, I feel that I am “connecting” with my lost Family. I feel that I am connecting with my (mostly running) friends and that it is time to give a little more than just the “funny Tor”. Perhaps it is time to show them the Faith to deal with the real Tor, or rather the more complete, the Tor of great intelligence and psychic intuition. Perhaps it it the time to show this to you all. To constructively use and display the real Powers hidden so well for so long.

So why just now ? Well… it is the Season of Faith’s Perfection ! It is the Season to find and connect to the Spiritual Guides. It is the Season to interpret and combine the many Human Guides from the Great History, the Writers, the Composers, the Painters, the knowledge of History itself and the outlook on the probable Futures just ahead. It is the Season to display a rooted and universal flux of Love. It is the Season for waking up each day and just deeply appreciating Life. It is the Season of Faith’s Perception as well. I feel very lucky to feel all these things, I feel very lucky to deeply understand in the Spiritual sense.

It is as if all the pieces from all these years suddenly fit each other – and I am fortunate to see the picture, the Light.

Things Change ! Let go – and you will see !