In context of – Purpose and Morality

I have been very fortunate.

I have lived in the context of many great things, inventions and persons. I have lived in the era of Johan Cruyff, Zico, Maradona, Laudrup and Messi, in the era of Bjørn Borg, Martina Navratilova and Roger Federer, in the era of Ingemar Stenmark and Gunde Svan, in the era of Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen, and so on and on again (just to mention the sport examples). I can enjoy the daily persuits of social networking, I can listen to music of the great composers, I can light up my house with electric bulbs and in general rely on all the normal things people do and take for granted anno 2010 A.D. 

If I had been living 100 years ago, I would not have been in the context of these great persons and the experiences they have given. Probably, my Purpose in life would have been totally different. Probably, my Morality would have been very different too. We tend to think that these things are “given”, “laws” that we have to obey either as single individuals or in society. But when you think about it, Purpose and Morality, as so many other things in life, are so crucially dependent on their context, especially their context in TIME. If we understand this a bit better, we can better make free from it. To a certain degree.

So lets take it again. The SINGLE person that I truly need to honor the context of is: myself ! And if anybody should be added, it should be my children. The unit of a parent to the successful upbringing of children is the only really universally important thing in our existence. All other issues and subjects remain so heavily on context (and chance), yet we live our lives if the persuit of these contexts, often in vain and in vanity. Why ? Because humans are afraid. Afraid not to.

If you can reach free yourself from the chains of context, you become truly free to choose the contexts you really like, to choose your Purpose and to live your Morality. Your Purpose. Your Morality.

What else can be important ? In the context of – Death.

Marathon #200

Hey, so what is new ? Well, for me I can take delight in turning 25 again and at the same time growing to a new century. Puzzled ? I am of course taking about my numbers of marathons ! Fact is that I ran #200 at beautiful Blokhus, Denmark, last Sunday, together with lots of runnings mates kindly celebrating me.

It was a very special day and it was very special to have just those people around, even though I could mention a long list of friends that I would have loved to see too.

Anyways, the 25-blocks to #200 looks like this:

25 27.08.2006 Landskrona (Sweden) Pictures
50 30.06.2007 Kristianopel (Sweden) Pictures
75 20.04.2008 Zürich (Switerzerland) Pictures
100 02.11.2008 Skovmaren (Denmark) Pictures
125 26.04.2009 London (England) Pictures
150 19.09.2009 Vänersborg (Sweden) Pictures
175 21.03.2010 Rome (Italy) Pictures
200 22.08.2010 Blokhus (Denmark) Pictures

As to be deducted from the list I have completed my second set of 100 marathons in less than 22 months, not bad for a part time dad with a challenging career as well. But then again.. has the time been spend well ? Who knows, really, I guess some choices in life makes other choices or options impossible and I have for sure been quite one-sided on this marathoneering for some time now. But would I have chosen differently with the knowledge I have now ?

Not for a minute !