Magnus Carlsen – the Norwegian Chess Genius !

Norwegian genius ?

Let me think… Henrik Abel (mathematics), Edward Grieg (composer) and Edward Munch (painter).
That’s about it, isnt it ?

No !

Today, young Magnus Carlsen grabbed his first World Champion Title in Chess, ie. in speedchess and totally destroying all opposition on his way. Incredible ! And this comes only a few weeks after his phenomenal win at the M-Tel Masters tournament where he prevailed with a stellar +6 score out of 10 against the strongest players on the Planet.

Carlsen has recently been trained by the perhaps strongest chessplayer ever, Gary Kasparov, and this collaboration has for sure been fruitful already, Carlsen currently being the highest ranked chessplayer in the World. Congrats !!!

The first GARMIN Rudersdal Marathon Double

This past weekend was quite hectic for me. Not only were two very tough marathons to be digested, I also stood as the organizer of both ! Fortunately, I had great and invaluable help from the pacekeepers and various others making the events come true and we all enjoyed the fantastic support from the two main sponsors, GARMIN and LØBEREN as well. Thank you so much, all, participants, helpers, friends and sponsors ! Thank you !

GARMIN Rudersdal marathon 8 (HOPENHAGEN marathon)
Saturday was the ‘big race day’ with 150 registered runners from all over Denmark (!) plus our swedish usual suspect, my mentor Lennart Skoog (marathon no. 626 on the day/ #57 in 2009 !!!). We were graced by visit from GARMIN demonstrating the latest GARMIN Connect technology and we were also blessed with a perfect day for running with very mild weather and no rain (!). Yeahh !

I have received tons of very positive feedback after the event and the runners were generally extremely happy with the event… which means the world to me ! There are always a few hickups in any race and mine here was no exception… the few flaws will be dealt with as good as possible in the future. Well, in conclusion, we had a great experience Saturday at GARMIN Rudersdal Marathon 8… see for yourself here.

GARMIN Rudersdal Cannonball 13
Then Sunday came a so-called Cannonball marathon, ie. a race on modest conditions and own supplies. Nevertheless, a pack of eleven runners were up for the doublet and up for the extremely tough route in Skodsborg just north of Copenhagen. Luckily, we were once again blessed with good weather and even a bit of sunshine… and thus we all prevailed in completing the score for this challenging weekend.

You find the visual insights from this event here.

LØBEREN Skovmarathon 2009

After being tied to the bed for a week – due to a flu, not fun – I somehow managed to rise and even complete the quite demanding LØBEREN Skovmarathon (Forrest marathon) this Sunday.

Afterwards, I actually felt better than before the race, tired of course but still more ‘fresh’. Thus, it was a pleasure to return to work and the nomal everyday today. I guess a good jogg can function as a kind of ‘treatment’ if administered with care. Who knows ?

Anyways… you find the delightful pictures from LØBEREN Skovmarathon 2009 here. Enjoy !