100 marathons in two years

Actually, when I completed Amsterdam Sunday I did also close marathon no. 100 in two years minus one day !

It has been a busy time… and more is to come the forthcoming years. Next year is scheduled to contain fewer dublets, however with the probable run against Skövde 5-days, Bornholm-7-days and Allermöher-day-triplet things will continue to evolve.

A serious attack against those sub-4 is expected as well.

Amsterdam marathon 2009

Yesterday I managed to complete Amsterdam marathon for the second time.

Im always happy to write a finished marathon on my list, but this one was a particular great experience. Firstly, the race was superbly organised and thus a pleasure to particiate in… good, flat route, lots of helpers and well-equiped supply-stations and, perhaps most importantly for the day, absolute PERFECT running conditions with 12-13 degrees and no wind. A dream coming true, you could say.

Secondly, I completed my marathon no. 50 for year 2009, a feat thus far only achieved by one Danish citizen, my good friend “Stormester” (Grand Master) Mogens Pedersen.. also this year, by the way.

Thirdly, I managed to set a new personal best time, chopping of 8.5 minutes of my previous PB. Thus, adding the inspiring eye-sights (of different kinds !) and cosy atmosphere of Amsterdam, yes, its absurb not to say that it was an awesome weekend.

Oh well.. I took a few pictures as usual as well… you find the pictures from Amsterdam marathon 2009 here.

A Note from The Lost World

Last week I had a rendevous with my Chemistry past in the event of celebrating my former Ph.D. supervisor receiving a very prestigous award. I was fun to see friends and collegues from 15 years back, most of them now being Professors all over the World. Thus, my presence there was a kind of minority attack from the outcasts, or at least that is how I felt. Like an outcast.

Actually, I am delighted for this experience. Firstly, it was an honor to participate in the celebration and I could even follow the lectures, well, one of them was very tough to digest… Science is moving fast for sure !

Secondly, I could confirm that I had taken the right decision that Chemistry and Science was not for me… for several reasons. Already 15 years back I had troubles with projecting myself into the possible Future of a scientific career, lacking both the special temperament and dedication that I think is necessary. I wanted ‘more’ and ‘else’. Also, my personal background was incomtatible with this trajectory, and I guess I didnt have neither the patience nor the lab skills to prevail.  

Still, I felt like an outcast and had to ‘defend’ ‘only’ to be in IT .. as if that is something that needs defending (wake up, guys !). When you think about it, there is a very important message in this: NEVER to treat your fellow humans with the arrogance of you being ‘better’ or to exclude their presence or existence. We should not be excluding but including ! I believe this is also the teachings of people like… Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi and… well… the less known danish photographer Jacob Holdt being world-famous in Denmark for his unconditional love to minorites and outcasts (like me). Remember this in your interactions with e.g. immigrants, coloured people, less intelligent persons, women and the like 😉

Well… I’m pushing some things in this to extremes… (a bit) fact is, that most people at this celebration were actually very friendly, and it was great to see them ! And what delighted me the most was to see, that THEY obviously had chosen the right path for THEM, still being enriched and joyful about our once common interest in Organic and Biological Chemistry.

So… we all make our own choices. The art is to respect this and to find common ground as humans. Which in my world is always the most interesting.

The Germans rule !

Well, when it comes to marathons I don’t see any real competition: the Germans simply rule !

And unlike soccer tournaments where they irritatingly at times just become better and better, they are remarkably consistent in their high level of perfection and dedication to getting just everything and all details right in their marathon events.

Yes, it’s a real pleasure to cross the southern border of Denmark when it comes to running ! I did so last weekend, having set up yet another wellness weekend in Hamburg. Saturday, we ran the Ôjendorfer See marathon in celebration of the German Unification Day 3 Oct. For once, I had a really crappy day with no energy or desire to run at all… but magically I woke up at about 30 k and actually made my best time in the sixth personal start in this race. You find the pictures here.

Heide-Elbe marathon

Then Sunday came what turned out to be one of the best and most eventful races this year, perfectly organized and for me personally just a totally ressouceful experience fully enjoying the beautiful and very varied Nature along the route. Brilliant day, simply… the pictures are here

Kaltenkirschener marathon

As we speak many friends are running at my friend Arne Franck of Kaltenkirschen, organizer of the very nice marathon there. I hope everybody have a great day there… I’m left with the memories from two years back.

In conclusion, do not miss to try on ANY marathon in Germany. You will be amazed by the high quality and actually also the friendlyness and helpfullness of the Germans. As I said, it is a pleasure !