A Brilliant Weekend by the Sea

This past weekend I enjoyed – or rather suffered – to complete yet another two marathons. Saturday was a brilliant day on the Danish Island Samsø, and I was amongst the invited pacekeepers for the premiere of the race “Samsø marathon”.


Extremely beautiful Nature, very cosy atmosphere, eventful trip, lots of fun. Pictures here.

Strandvejsmarathon 2009
Then Sunday came Strandvejsmarathon 2009 and another extremely scenic experience. However, I kinda lost my energy after 15 k or so, and it was a tough job for me to pull it home. I guess the beautiful sunny day inspired me to just continue and continue, and I prevailed being the last man home. Well… who cares really, another doublet was booked and a lot of great memories from two perfectly arranged events.

You find the delightful pictures from Strandvejsmarathon 2009 here. Enjoy 😉

Reaching for a Fourier-Transformed State of Grace

In Mathematics there is a special set of functions called Fourier-Transformations for which the outcome points have the special property to possess information of all the other points.

Would’nt it be great if we could assess such a spiritual state ? To be able in each moment to remember, rely on and act accordingly to the entire learnings of our lifetimes, to have instant access to the writings of the World Literature, to the notes of the Great Composers, to the colors and curves of the genious artists and to the feeling and sounds of Nature itself, from the high mountains to the endless sea ?

To be able to act out of wisdom and love in each second. To me, this is the quest !

To me, certain places and certain things immediately brings me to the State of Grace. The smiling eyes of my Children, the Norwegian mountains, a square in Rome… and, most conveniently, different pieces of music !

So… if I die now… or I do not see ‘you’ again… I will be right here… ouch !

Samsø marathon 2009 coming close

Saturday August 22th we will be participating in the much awaited premiere for the new Samsø marathon.

I have the honor of being one of two timekeepers for the 4.30 hours timegroup, indeed a task that should involve much fun as well as adequate time for taking some stunning pictures along the route which we hope turns out as scenic as anticipated.

You can read about and still register to Samsø marathon here, come join us !