A Friend says Goodbye (or runs in front ?)

Today, the Danish Marathon sub-culture was shocked by the news that our friend and fellow runner René Fasting passed away, much too young at age 45. We all came to know and treasure René the past couple of years, and I think he has left a distinct and lasting mark in our soules.

René will be missed in our small community of marathon running, but first and foremost by his kids and family whom we all send our condolences and deepest sympathy. We all might find hope in the belief that we will meet René again in some other Dimension, in Heaven, in a non-Earthly race some day. Who knows ?

Rest in Peace.

Run for Love – World Outgames

Today, I had a lot of fun at the Run for Love marathon, part of the gay/lesbian festival World Outgames held in Copenhagen just these days. I managed to run my sixth best marathontime ever, so I am in many ways happy with this past week closing up four marathons including last Sunday.

Run for Love - Copenhagen 2009

You find the many pictures from Run for Love here, please enjoy !

Dalseter – my Personal Sanctuary

I consider myself very lucky to have a Sanctuary here on Earth… a hotel high-up in the Norwegian mountains. This hotel is called Dalseter.

I have visited this hotel since I was two (!) years old and the host family and my family have known five generations in each, a quite remarkable thing I believe. Dalseter is also the place where I learned to ski, to swim…


… and to walk and run long trips in the Nature. 

Indeed, I defeated my first Mountain Top, Sprengpiggen (1329 meters above sea) at the age of 5, which ignited my lifelong love to hiking and Nature experiences.

Dalseter is also the place from where I treasure some of the best Childhood memories, together with my beloved, late Grandmother… and I remember the five summers when we watched Bjørn Borg clinch his Wimbledon Trophees… this was here too.

 So… yes, I consider myself lukcy.. being able to reconnect to a lifetime of experiences and to rediscover my childhood innocence from time to time. Here, being 30 and on the onset of ‘real’ adulthood…

… and now, passing the relay to the next generation. Pure bliss.

The Loneliness of Genious

Yesterday, The World witnessed the Memorial of the Great Michael Jackson. I think it was a beautiful and touching event, classy, delicate and to the point. May the great performer rest in peace and may his music live on forever.

Other times had their Masters too… remember the similar (and probably greater) prodigies of Mozart and Beethoven, the spirit of Schubert, the sufferings of Shostakovich and the lyrics of Miles Davis. They – and many more – live on too.

I think all these geniouses had one profound thing in common: a vast feeling of loneliness. Just read this qoute of Michael Jackson:

People think they know me, but they don`t. Not really. Actually, I am one of the loneliest people on this earth. I cry sometimes, because it hurts. It does. To be honest, I guess you could say that it hurts to be me.

No comparison at all… don’t we all feel the same sometimes ? The horisont of being alone in the world, the lack of true companions that fully understand ‘everything’ ? Perhaps this is one of the bridges that Music can build… even across centuries.

Personally, I feel often more connected to these great Masters than to my contemporary peers, mates, girlfriends and so on. Perhaps I just have yet to meet someone with the same fragility as myself ? Most people I know are specialized in their jobs and careers, and do far better than I. Admitted. Most people I know find strength in their families, and appear much stronger than I. Admitted. Most people I know have the ability to uphold what I would call narrowminded personal illusions of life and they truly believe and take pride in them. I can’t do that and it leaves me weaker, apparently. Admitted.

I – I am poisened by asking questions, by questioning myself, the life, the meaning. I am suffering the losses that Death brings… and, I like to believe, the unspeakable Wisdom that springs. I honestely think I play with the world most of the time… and that I see through people in seconds. I find no real counterplay, mostly. I guess that is… loneliness.

It is all here… Beethoven Opus 135, 3rd movement. Do you follow me ?

PS: However, in running I do find the ‘unspoken’ sense of belonging. With my many marathon friends, I . and we – often share experiences on levels that cannot or are not accounted for… but which we ‘understand’ with no words spoken. This is one of the fine things about running marathons.

3100 Miles

If I ever were to run a spectacular ultrarun, The Self-Transcendence 3100 Miles run in New York could be the one. Normaly, we marathonrunners are quite happy to book a double or triple marathon… but hey, 3100 miles !!! As they would say in the States: OMG (Oh My God) !!!

I like the explicit connection between running and spirituality envisioned by Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the race. What I like about Chinmoy’s teachings is that he thought that “that real spirituality is not a retreat from the world; everything we do can be done from a spiritual perspective.” Well, you can read more about this one the referred website.

Anyways, Im delighted to actually know one of the runners this year, namely my German running collegue Purna-Samarpan Querhammer, whom I have spoken with several times at the Teichwiesen and Öjendorfer marathons in Hamburg, Germany. Purna is doing well in the 3100 Miles race and I wish him the best of luck for this extreme challenge.