North Sea Beachmarathon 2009

Yesterday Sunday, I had the extreme pleasure and also very tough challenge to complete the renowed North Sea Beachmarathon, one of the toughest marathons in the World.

Imagine, 42 K in sand, that is really surreal when you think about it… for sure a big task both to body and perhaps especially mind to handle. However, the day and the race felt out perfectly, nice warm weather, indirect sun, a refreshing wind… and enough energy to pull through the race. Awesome !  You find the pictures and video from North Sea Beachmarathon 2009 here.

Furthermore, I was happy to book my first two-day triple.. as I actually ran two (!) marathons Saturday in Hamburg, Germany… the first starting at 05.00 and the second at 11.00 leaving me less than 50 minutes between finishing the first and starting the next. Imagine that ! You find the pictures from these two races via the list ‘My marathons’ in the menu at left. Enjoy !

The Dark Side

I guess it is not very politically correct to touch on the dark side of the human nature. Good for us all, then, is that art and fiction can expose and perhaps to some extend neutralize these kind of feelings and matters for us. The pinnacle figure in this respect could very well be Darth Vader from Star Wars, the prodigy Anakin Skywalker that falls prey to the Dark Side… actually propelled by the love and loss of his mother.. and later his neurotic fearings for his fiancee. Anakin’s way to the Dark Side…

… is summarized to the issues of:

  • A forbidden love
  • Dreams
  • Anger
  • Revenge
  • Disappointment
  • Helplessness
  • Hate
  • Feelings
  • Isolation
  • Fear
  • Pain
  • Dead

If you are one of the very lucky people on Earth NOT to have been in contact with any of these, be happy for your rare innocence… and otherwise, and more likely, you probably know the fight within in order to stay clear of the tempetations of the Dark Side. I do for sure ! 

So how do we deal with the Dark Side ? Look at the World ! Wars, Tyrannies, Poverty, Greed, Injustice etc. … I guess we are not doing exactly great.  Myself.. well I try to deal consequently with persons overstepping my limits, feelings or, worst of all, betray my confidence. If there is one thing I really lower, it is the weakness in others making them lie. Lie to me and you are ‘dead’, written out of my World forever. 

So to the end of Revenge… and trying to stay clear of the Dark… I take Silence as the preferred weapon. Friends can make mistakes… which should propel dialogue and forgiveness… but real Enemies will hear… nothing. They simply don’t deserve the attention.

Danish Nature Marathons

We do not have very adventurous Nature in Denmark like mountains and stuff, however we do have other kinds of scenic eye-pleasers… in the landscapes, that is 😉

Last weekend I participated in the very cosy ‘Beer Marathon’ arranged by my running friend Michael Nielsen. The race was very demanding and it was only barely that I managed not to pull a DNF. There was food and party after the race, a very nice occasion to speak with the running mates… when not running. You can see pictures from Beer marathon here.

Seeland Double
Then this past weekend, my running mate Anders Munch Madsen and I closed two beautiful Nature Marathons on Seeland, Denmark. Saturday we ran GARMIN Rudersdal Cannonball 5 which was as usually a nice but also quite tough run. You find the dripping wet pictures here .

Then Sunday we ran the awaited Nature Marathon starting in Slagelse, this race being the best marathon in Denmark the past two years. Well, several other races content for that prize as well so it is difficult to be very conslusive… but it is indeed for certain that Nature Marathon is a uniquely beautiful, challenging and even fun marathon to complete. You find the 2009 pictures here.