GARMIN Rudersdal VII

I somehow managed to complete GARMIN Rudersdal VII just after a week of near-dying of a flu. I guess I felt compelled to make the try, being the Race Director of the Event and welcomming almost 100 runners from the entire country. The short story is… I made it… and the participants had a great day on the tough route, the permanent marathonroute ‘RudersdalRuten’ just north of Copenhagen.

You find the story and the pictures here.

Poetry on Fire

I have to confess, I am not the guy reading too much Poetry these days. I did when I was younger, lots of different things and of course the unavoidable stuff like the Danish Poet Michael Strunge and the French Arthur Rimbaud. Well… who hasn’t ?

Anyways… one of my favorite poems is actually by a very unknowm Norwegian, Arnulf Øverland, whose poem “Til en Misantrop” I discovered in a very remote hut when hiking the Norwegian Mountains… my primary occupation when I was a kid and in early manhood… actually, the simiar kind of quest as running marathons. Long hard days in Nature, beautiful eyesights, lots of struggle…

I often think of this Poem, “Til en Misantrop“. My snobby and hilariously self-righteous neighbours remind me. The News on the Television reminds me. The loved ones that I have buried remind me. My own history reminds me. The Poem itself reminds me.