The ‘S’ Stuff

I like the ‘S’ stuff. I really, really like it 😉

What am I talking about… hehe… actually… and OF COURSE … I talk about running marathons starting with an ‘S’. 😉 As you can see on my new additional marathon statistics page, I have run 18 marathons starting with an ‘S’, easily beating all other letters in the alphabet. I miss only a few letters, actually, for the full A-Z.

Furthermore, I have one quintet and 11 doublets… and have dressed up 11 times in a marathon race including the latest stunt as a hot blonde (almost as her above), three times as Spiderman, once the Riper and once Santa himself … to mention the most popular ones.

Amongst other interesting things to be seen it is clear that I have most marathons in Denmark, not too surprisingly, with Sweden and Germany tied on second with 19 races in each country.

Elbtunnel marathon 2009
Speaking about Germany I had the pleasure just this past weekend to visit the Elbtunnel marathon in Hamburg for the fourth consecutive year. The race including its creator, my german friend Christian Hottas, celebrated it’s 10th year anniversery and it was a delight to participate in the cosy atmosphere… as hinted in the video below.

Read my full story from the Elbtunnel marathon 2009 here.

PS: Control-question to the male readers: did you see the text in this post at all ?  😉


How many Kingdoms know not of us ?  (Blaise Pascal)

Still our Vanity gives us simple pleasure when being seen by a few of our fellow men. We are Ignorants.

Ignorants not only in Time and in the extrovert persuits of Survival, but also Ignorants in our Personal belief systems and to the complexity of the Nature of our Feelings, not to mention our Spiritual Dimensions. We cannot as Children grasp the burden of Adultness, the joys of Parenthood or the games of Sex, yet these are states we visit later in Life. We cannot imagine middle-age or even dying as real events when we are young… and when we grow older, we cannot understand that the World is a new place for the youngsters we are not self anymore. We are Ignorants.

We are Ignorants to many of the great places and creations in the World, both in Nature and in the History of Civilization. Have you studied the art of the Etrusques, the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empires, the Middle Ages, the Natural Sciences and the foundation of the Modern World ? Do you know the word Axiom ? Can you account for the development in Music from J.S. Bach over Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Shostakovic and to the Modern Pop and Rock Music… and can you connect this to the forwards in the political and democratic spheres ? Most importantly, can you feel the weightlessness of centuries when disappearing into the music and the meditative Universe that your soul enters when you really listen. Can you connect to your Ignorance ? Can you feel the blow of Time and the Times that once were. Do you possess Intuition about the Time to come ?

This is not for me, you may say. You may understand and live for your job, your career, your position, your ‘Name’, your Family. Well, who does not ? The question is to which extend you live your whole life defending the little bucket of Illusions that you so wish to be ‘the truth’, the meaning of life. Do you think that is the only way ? For Mankind, in Time… even… for you ? How many Kingdoms know YOU not ?

Yes, Truth is that we cannot even begin to count how many Kingdoms that know us not. But we will ignore this, Ignorants as we are.

Is there Hope ?


If you succeed in understanding that you really know zip, you may stand a chance. A unique chance of opening up to the many wonders in the World, in your own World, in Love, in Spirituality. When you examine the Questions more than the possible answers. When you are able to repeatably reconnect to your inner discussions and states of mind, to reinterpret past occurrences and to forgive. Forgive the ignorants around you… they know not better, Ignorants as they are, Kings today, dust tomorrow. Forgive yourself, Ignorant in the past, Ignorant today… but perhaps just slightly less so. Forgive !

Not even Nature in all its Force can maintain the Strongest of it’s storms… then why you ? Things pass…. let them go. Life passes… let it pass. But open your eyes and your Heart every day to the possibility that you may become richer, Spiritually, stronger, that you may learn and that you need to make an effort, also today. Pay attention to Time… it works in funny ways in our Souls. Notice that every single moment keeps information about all other moments and that you only get closer to everything you already know and always have. You are the Light in your own World of Darkness, you are the Force to bring the Universe to you.

All this is Eternal, all this will vanish.

First Double in 2009

Wow, what an opening of a new year.. first the Zürich New Year marathon and now in the second weekend of the year a fullblown doublet of two quite tough marathons. Now, that is was I call nice !

So… Saturday I had the pleasure of participating in the half-crazy project of running a full marathon inside a Stadion Arena, namely at Arena Park in Aarhus, Denmark. I had decided to put a smile on people, so I was running as a hot blonde school-girl… well… look for yourself here 😉

Then Sunday it was time for the Kalundborg Wintermarathon… one of the tougher marathonraces in Denmark… this year was no exception. However, in spite of the run the day before I actually managed quite well and was thus happy to book the first marathon doublet of 2009 !

You find the Kalundborg pictures here, enjoy !

Zürich New Year Marathon 2009 !

Happy New Year to you !

I hope you enjoyed your party or whatever… myself, I entered the new year in adventurous fashion, namely by running the Zürich New Year marathon. Due to fresh snow and therefore ‘uneven’ and difficult conditions the race proved to be extremely tough to complete… but both I and my travel mate Jørn Pedersen prevailed and could thus write marathon no. 1 for year 2009 on our race list at 5 am 01-Jan-2009 😉

What a delightful way to enter a new year… well… enjoy the picures here and think for yourself.