100 Marathons !

At last I reached a great goal that I have had for some time… clinching 100 marthons !

It is hard to describe what a relief it is to fulfill an achievement like this.. at first, a goal only ‘absurd’, later ‘maybe once… in a far and distant future’, later again ‘perhaps within some years’… and suddenly ‘quite close’. Well, fact is that it took me less than 4 1/2 years to run the first 100 marathons, a feat that is extraordinary and clearly record material in both Denmark and probably many other countries. 

Never mind records, though. What is important is all the adventures, travels and most importantly many, many good friends that the marathons have given me. Let me give a short personal eveluation of the first 100 marathons:

Biggest experiences: New York 2006 and Swiss Alpine 42K 2008
Personally: My many new good friends in the running community
Persons: My mentors Lennart Skoog (600+ marathons) of Sweden and Anders Munch Madsen (400+) of Denmark
Most important travels: Berlin 2004 and London 2005 with Marathon Travel Club … leading the way…
Most important moment: Kalundborg Advent 2005… discovering the marathon sub-culture…
In line of duty: As Organizer of GARMIN Rudersdal Marathon

The run nr. 100 itself was truly a great expericence as well… so many of our friends were there and ran with us… yes, as the picture indicates we celebrated three milestones, namely Anders Munch Madsen (400), Alex Lundahl (200) and myself Tor Rønnow (100) … and we had a wonderful day and crossed the finish line together.

You can see the pictures here.