The Sub-Prime Crisis and Belief Systems

What we old New Age disciples have known for decades is now becoming scaringly apparent to the World as a whole: we all live in and ‘under’ common mass-belief systems.

Take the Sub-Prime Crisis and the current Financial situation in the world… and compare it with say 2005. What is the real difference ? Our attitudes and beliefs ! Today, the things, our houses and the Companies we treasured so highly only recently are said to be of less or no value ? Capitalism is dead … and authorities are shifting … !  Based on… what ?

Well… isn’t is quite obvious which extreme powers our imagination holds… especially our mass belief systems ! We can learn a lot from this, actually. We can learn to work with our personal belief systems… and that there is a direct link between what we think and believe in.. and which experiences we actually collect. The general rule is: you will experience exactly what you think you will ! So… be careful to choose the right belief systems ! You choose … and remember: there are NO absolute Truths !

This is what the Sub-Prime Crisis is teaching us… some of you have known this all along… but I think most people have been living for too long in the persuit of material values hailing to a bunch of fat middle-aged men called ‘Investors’ and sacrificing their judgement and love to the game of Carrers, Money and hierarchical Power. We now see that these men have no real power and that we can not rely on them or the belief systems they indoctrinate us with ! We have to rely on ourselves ! We have to choose real, personal values and beliefs. Carefully !

Me ? I do not personally believe in the Sub-Prime Crisis as a bad thing… but we may all fall short to certain consequences of this mass belief system… well… let happen what may ! Life does continue… also without us anno 2008. Wars may come.

Those are the hard facts. I believe.

Medoc marathon 2008

I was happy to run Medoc marathon this Saturday… boy oh boy, what a great run and what a great party !

The run takes off with dancing babes and lots of music… and then transforms into a 42 k wine taste though the Wine  Castles of Medoc (just outside Bordeaux, France). The Wine is of course the major attraction of the race, however, the fact that more than 90 % of the runners are dressed up in all kinds of outfits is what really adds to the fun. And after the race, the party continued in and beside the tents of the finish area with free food, wine, beer and what have you. JUST PERFECT … and unlike any other marathon in the world !

Medoc marathon 2008

You find the amazing pictures here.

Blue in Green

If only.

If only I could keep the state of being Blue in Green…

… when things go astray…
… when the kids are fighting…
… when work is stressfull…
… when the others are annoying…

Sure sounds like Miles Davis found a path to bliss, eternal transcendence and humor as well. If only one could keep such moments during the tougher and often daily chaotic times of life. If only !