Swiss Alpine marathon 2008

Yesterday, I completed the most beautiful and demanding marathon for me to date: Swiss Alpine 42K.

The sceneries cannot be described in words, the toll on the body cannot be read… it must be felt end endured by yourself ! So you marathoneers out there, be aware !!! You MUST go to Davos, Switerzerland, and participate in the Swiss Alpine marathon sometime in your life ! It is a HUGE experience.

Swiss Alpine 2008 

For now, though, you can get some impressions from the race here.  

Our Personal Shawshank Redemptions finding Hope ?

Did you ever read Sartre’s Novel Nausea ? If not, please try !

Did you ever feel apauled by the tyranny the Others (remember again Sartre… “Hell… that is the Others !”)  ?

The Others conventions on Good and Bad. The Others teachings of Corporate Bullshit and the God of Profit ? The Others Garden Fascism of manic Housecleaning and the Persuit of Boredom of looking nice. The Others mainstream Orbituaries… ‘straight’ and all the same. Hell for sure !

Can we break out of such Walls or are we institutionalized by our own habits, beliefs and disbeliefs to such a degree that Prison is the proper word of our State of maintaining our Personal Status Quo of non-Action and no-Change. Are we even inclined to ? Do we have the courage and strenght to hold on to our Personal Values and the Hope of a good Future Life ? 

Or are we just Prisoners ?

Me … I’ll cut my Chance on Hope … just like Tim Robbins in the Shawshank Redemption.

Hope is a good thing !

Love II

Ah… ok, I might have to elaborate a little on my previous Post.

Do not get me wrong: I DO believe in Love !!!

Just, I believe that the kind of romantic Love that we are brought up with by Novels, Movies, Music (the Media) is passé. That kind of Love was part of the 1800’s, of Schumann and Goethe etc. … an is has no place in the Modern Society. The conditions for that kind of lifetime illusions are gone !

Rather, Love these days is focused around our personal activities… near family, friends, interests, favorite places and habits. Here, Love DO EXÌST and is – or at least can be – very strong ! Take running for example… would I as a runner give up running for a partner if I had to ? Never ! My interest for Music ? Never ! And so on….

So back to the Man and Woman thingy… ok, well, perhaps Love do exist here as well… at least for periods of time. Falling in Love is quite another thing… but that is not Love but rather Sex Chemistry hammering away in our venes, pure dope that is !

And THAT I like 😉 

Love !

Im beginning to think or realize that the concept of ‘Love’ between Man and Woman is just crap.

Rather, it is an extension of Sex, simply.

Alternatively, an extension from puberty into manhood, an escape from anxiety and self short-commings, a childhood’s nest-like continuation of feeling Safe. It has more to do with your own neurologic constitution rather than the real qualities of your partner. The *Love* might be outspoken… but words are not feelings and neither truly exist by their own… they are given life *by you* … and only in YOUR INTERPRETATION converted into your feelings. Change the interpretation, the feelings change. See ? 

So… no, I do not believe in Love between Man and Woman. Sex ? Yes. Shelter ? Yes. Anxiety ? Yes. Convenience ? Yes. Habits ? Yes ! Love ? NO !

Quite another thing is the Love for your off-spring. This is the true kind of Love that exists ! This is the Love overcoming all obstacles, this is the Love not to be questioned. Ever ! The Love for your Children…. the strongest concept in th World… and smartly picked up by the Christian Church (and many others), right ? The basis for the concept of Humanity as well. Just take a look at the Hoyt’s here…and see, if you can hold back the tears and disprove my thesis.

Yeah, strong stuff !

In conclusion: who (really) cares about partners ? They come and go during a lifetime and are mostly just good for either killing time (it is called “Sex”) or proviting you the needed Children. All this may sound sound bad to you, I know, but I think these are the bottom-line facts interpreted in the broad perspective. The perspective of a Lifetime.

Summertime !

This past Sunday we had the pleasure of running the “Winter Route” in Kalundborg.

Kalundborg Summermarathon 2008

Boy.. oh, boy… that was such a beautiful treat ! Green trees, yellow corn fields, blue sky and white Cumulus clouds just made up fantastic scenaries along the course… a quite hilly and tough course to complete, indeed !

See the picturesque stuff here

Amy and Dostovjefskij

Difficult as it is I have to admit that I don’t understand everything.

Life and especially people keeps on presenting you issues just beyond comprehension. Dostojevskij was well awere of this and his books are filled with observations of the Alien-like paradoxes of the Human Nature. How can you murder someone and not care ? How can you leave behind a great love in your life and be happy ? How can you forgive a lying whore and let a new life begin (Raskolnikov) ? I can’t for sure. But Dostojevskij must have seen futher and I suspect that the Christian principle of *Love* is the key. But what is that ? I rather interpret the issues in the concepts of pure Nature… our cells renew and thus forget, the Planet and the atmosphere is subject to changes, movement and evolution each second and no feeling, weather condition or any other moment has a very long duration. Time passes. But… I still find it difficult.

Take a modern example.. Amy Whitehouse. How can you be gifted with such a great talent and voice, be known world-wide and filthy rich … and still be so self-destructive and unhappy ? Another example of the incomprehensiveness of the Human Psyche.

Yeah… or rather no… I don’t understand !

Extreme !

Yet another weekend with two marathons, even the two toughest marathons in Denmark !

Firstly, Mjoelner marathon on Saturday, a very challenging and technically difficult race. Add to this temperatures at around 28 degrees and you have a cocktail only to drink for experienced and very stubborn runners. Pictures here.

Tor Rønnow at Extreme marathon 2008. Foto: Ole Cramer.

Then, Sunday… the hardest and toughest marathon in Denmark, Extreme marathon… including 4400 height meters !!! Let’s just say that I came through… but with great difficulties due to blisters and damage on the left Achilles, unfortunately somthing that still troubles me here four days after. See the extreme pics here.