Two marathons on One Day (28.06.2008)

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Yeah… you read correctly… I did two of them this past Saturday. Still marathons, not bimbos 🙂

First, start in Hamburg 08.00 hours in pouring rain in the little but very cosy race “Ôjendorfer See Marathon” ( As my right knee was hurting from the Double the weekend before, the soily route was perfect and gentle food for my legs and constitution… and I finished very controlled just sub-5 hours. See the pictures here.
Beautiful view at Ôjendorfer See Marathon in Hamburg, Germany

Then Anders and I drove 2 1/2 hours in car to the coastal City Bremerhaven… and were ready for the next race, Bremerhaven City Marathon, at the start 18.30 hours. The first 10 k went fine, then followed by 20 very hard kilometers for me ! On the last of the four rounds I was the last person… and was thus followed by a couple of Police motorcycles… that kinda gave me some Energy !  😉 But then at the very last kilometer… I actually passed another runner… to my amazement … and finished in just sub 5.30 hours, two minutes to midnight ! Alas, two marathons were completed this historic day, June 28 2008 !
Anders Munch Madsen and Tor Rønnow at Bremerhaven City Marathon 2008

See the pictures here … or in this gallery.

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