Copenhagen marathon 2008

On a perfect day I had the pleasure of running Copenhagen marathon 2008 with the ‘Team Erhard’ celebrating marathon no. 400 for my running mate Erhard Filtenborg ! Congratulations !

The race itself was very well organized by Sparta and GLITNIR Banking and the atmosphere along the route was just great ! The weather was ideal for running and several of my other running mates collected new PRs – well done !

You can see my pictures from the race here (and you can upload your own to Politiken).

 Team Erhard in the starting field at Copenhagen marathon 2008

End of Year Four !

My first marathon was in Copenhagen, Denmark almost four years ago, ie. the 16.05.2004.

Thus, my personal marathon year spands from the 16th of May each year. With my races in Sweden this weekend, I have now completed my first four years of marathon running :

Year 1: 4 marathons – including Berlin and London !

Year 2: 12 marathons – including Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dublin, Elbtunnel, Paris and Hamburg.

Year 3: 28 marathons – including, well, too many to mention… New York, Boston, Rome, Barcelona, Vienna and Monschau on top. Not to mention ‘my own’ event GARMIN Rudersdal marathon.

Year 4: 36 marathons – including Chicago, Magdeburg, Paris, Zürich as the biggest events. Notably, I collected the last of the World Majors with the completion of Chicago Marathon, a feat that only two Danes have acomplished to my knowledge (well, and we did it the very same day !).

New this year was also the task of running ‘double marathons’, i.e. two marathons during one weekend… I did three of them… and, of course, the just completed 5-marathons-in-96-hours thingy which included the ‘2 marathons within 24 hours’ trophy.

I am not unhappy 😉

You can find picture and stories from most of these races via ‘My marathons’ from the menu at the page right.