5 maratons in 5 Days !

Posted by Torr | Marathon | Monday 28 April 2008 18:02

So… the week of Truth has arrived… am I just a spineless worm or am I an enduring, strong and motivated athlete… or just plain nuts ?  ;) Well, case is that this is the week for my challenge of five marathons in 96 hours, starting Wednesday in Skövde, Sweden. The weather forecast looks great, not a bad thing at all !

Tor Rønnow (Foto: Bjarne Andersen, Marathon Travel)

I am glad to be amongst friends… the brave Danes Mogens Pedersen, Vagn Kirkelund, Peter Bøgevig and Anders Munch Madsen will participate as well… and so will my Swedish master and friend Lennart Skoog… and in toto it seems that around 30 runners are up to the quest of hunting down these five races in one streak.


PR in Zürich !

Posted by Torr | Marathon | Tuesday 22 April 2008 21:57

Finally, I made a successful attack on my by now two years old PR from Hamburg…. this past weekend in Zürich was thus such a delight featuring a great marathon race and the impressions of the very nice and accommodable city of Zürich.

Zürich marathon 2008

You can find my full coverage of the race here. Enjoy !

Paris marathon 2008

Posted by Torr | Marathon | Monday 7 April 2008 21:45

It is amazing what you can experience during just one weekend !

Fly down to Paris, collect the bib number, see parts of the city and do some shopping, eat, sleep and then up and run Paris marathon 2008 Sunday. Run, run, run… then a shower, jump to the Metro, race to Le Louvre… and walk back to the bus to the airport… fly, fly, fly… train.. and back in your own bed Sunday evening. Great !!!

The marathon ? Just awesome !!! See the picures and video here !

Paris marathon 2008