Success at GARMIN Rudersdal marathon

Being a race Director what can more pleasing than having happy and satisfied customers ? Feeling the excitement and passion of all the participants ? That is just GREAT !

The fast group at GARMIN Rudersdal marathon 24-Feb-2008

Well, this past Sunday 24-Feb-2008 the fourth event of GARMIN Rudersdal marathon took place and everything went according to schedule ! What a delight ! So… I really enjoy looking back on this day…

… you can join me by viewing the pictures and video here !

German friends !

Life can take unexpected courses quite unintentionally. Take for example my marathonrunning. Who would have thought 6 years ago when I was not able to run even 2 km that I have now completed 68 marathons (in less than 4 years) !

Who would have known that running can bring you so many experiences and ‘friends’ all over the world. These days, I meet known faces whereever I run in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Germany. That is such a pleasure and is for me a very important dimension to the madness of all these marathons.

Lately, I’m getting quite a number of new German running buddies… very sweet and very dedicated people. I think no other Nation on Earth deliver a running event with such perfection and quality than Germany… and I find the Germans extremely friendly towards both each other and ‘us foreigners’. Delight… delight… delight !

The German Marathon Club 100 has displayed a little story about my site and my marathon stories, read here, I am very humble towards their attention and kind words ! I guess it makes sense to share the passion !

May the Force be with you 😉

Kaizer Soze = Life ?

Have you ever seen the move “The Usual Suspects” ? If not, I think you should before you read on.

At the end on the movie we discover – to our amazement – that probably everything in the movie plot was a lie ! It never happened ! A unique closure of a thrilling and very well-told story !

Hmmm… what if life itself works like that ? We think we experience this or that… but later… the same experiences take on quiete another meaning or flavor. Hard times make us strong and do perhaps not seem so bad as time passes by. Good times may ‘change’ to nightmares … especially in the cases where you realize that other people held you as a fool. Held you as Kaizer Soze. That is truly demoralizing and heart-breaking !

Is there a morale ? Yes ! Have the courage to live your life by the truth and express your own values… so your surroundings does not meet… Kaizer Soze !

Don’t please anybody but yourself – that will please everybody !