No Labels, please !

The Danish Philosopher Soeren Kierkegaard once wrote (essentially) that ‘if you label me, you kill me’.

What does that mean ?

My take: That we should always acknowledge the incredible power of change, adaptation and development that we humans are capable of. That we are not static

  • Label me lazy – I am energetic tomorrow
  • Label me stupid – I may have powers of which you do not know
  • Label me fat – I may begin to work out and shape my body
  • Label me ugly – I may be beautiful to someone else
  • Label me – and you kill yourself too ! (my ‘add-on’) 

Surely, in the modern and media-made world it is extremly hard not to label, in general. But once you begin to catch yourself in doing it… and once you begin to stop the labelling… you find that you are set free… and are able just to live.

You see, that is what we do ! Behind all the merchandise, all the fancy cars, all the expensive jewleries, all the hard-won marathons (oh yes !), all the perfect and polite children, all the impressive carreers and alluring CV’s, we all just live. We do not need justification or allowance. We all have the birthright of breathing.

So… do you really live ? Or are you just alive … spending your time labeling, spending your time defending your labels ?

Well, in that case… you’re already dead. Bad choice !
Change it ! Who gives a crap about ‘the others’ anyways ?

Change !

Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem

Propelled by a discussion at work getting almost out of order (almost !), I feel obliged to write something on Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem (read stuff here).

Basically, this theorem implicates that any mathematical system cannot be fully described within itself and that it will always ‘end’ on being based certain axioms for which no formal proof exist. The philosophical consequence of this is interesting, I think…well, more precisely, my thoughts are:

… if the collective human-made collection of mathematical sciences always boils down to the ten axioms, then the modern science in principle could be ‘false’ or not exhaustively described. There is probably no practical consequences of this, since our everyday experience and modern world does not see the theorems contradicted… nor would we want to. Science appears to ‘work’ and to be explaining everything in our practical, everydays lives, yes. The scientific methods are valid, yes (in apparent contrary to various ‘spiritual’ and religious ‘claims’…).

However, in the context of the existence of multiple (and unknown) dimensions or even the existence of God, I think this debate is interesting… because the Theorem, in my point of view, excludes the widespread and to me superficial assumption that ‘Science’ is ‘proofed’ and ‘Religion is fraud’. On the very large scale, nothing is finally proofed ! … and we should be humble to that observation ! or at least reserve the possibility that our science is neither describing the Universe exhaustively nor correctly at the present time.

And would that not apply to any Time ?


What is Time ? Does it exist ? Does it behave the way we think, it does ? Did you even consider that there are different Time theories ? Read here or google around !

Personally, I believe that the Time dimension is far from known or that the Time dimension behaves differently than our immediate linear experience ‘tells’ us, differently as a consequence of other dimensions yet to be discovered and described. To me, Time could be nonexistent or it could be multidimentional.

Most of all, Time could be Fourier-Transformed in its nature, ie. all moments of time are described in a single point of Time. I know this sounds very weird, but that is my intuition and I think, actually, that it aligns with personal experience. My experience, anyways.

Feeding your Mind: Music !

Always, hold on to your own capacity for the beautiful things in life: love, joy, truthfullness, children, Nature, body pleasures, spiritual teachings.

And…music…ahh, music ! How often has the music not come to rescue in our life. Music adds the perspective, music blends the feelings, music empowers, music sets a state… that is, if you know how and which music to use. For you personally.

One great spiritual singer is Lisa Gerrard… if you liked the music in the movies ‘Gladiator’ or ‘The Insider’, you’ll remember her voice. I can recommend buying her records… go on.. add some beauty to your life !


The name of my domain here is far from accidental. It derives from the Major Arcana Tarot Card ‘Temperance’. The card has many symbolisms, I’ll paste in a few here. You can give Wikipedia a read also.


Some Jungians say that Temperance represents the unconscious, which can guide us, they contend, to a deeper understanding of ourselves, and maybe even a meaningful life. The one foot on the land, the other in the water, represents the unification of the external and internal, conscious and unconscious, realms.

Under these approaches, when Temperance appears, it is a warning or invitation to be prepared for a confrontation with the deepest questions. Who we are. Who we apparently are. Who we think we are. Who we will become.

However, I have always put emphasis on the keys from Waite on ‘Temperance’:

  • Temperance —– Harmony —– Balance —– Health
  • Moderation —– Joining forces —– Well-being —– Recovery
  • Equilibrium —– Transcendence —– Unification —— Healing
  • Synthesis —– Bringing together opposites —- Feeling secure

Magic does exist… just open your mind and your eyes… and try to realize your own creation of the World. Voila !

You create your own difficulties !

I have touched upon Seth/Jane Robert before and I will do so again for sure. Why ? Because I find these teachings and hinsights highly inspirational… let alone the book “The Nature of Personal Reality” contains so much powerful material that you need this and no other book to transform your life entirely if you wish ! I talk from experience.

Here comes a quote on the mechanism of f***ing things up, something many people do.. often based on their own self-negativity and low self esteem, neurotic anxiety and so on. You may think the outside world is ‘bad’ or not living up to your ideals, well, maybe you don’t live up to them (or rather, think you don’t). Why think the ideal world exists, anyways … it don’t, for anyone. Be real, be human, be happy !

You create your own difficulties. This is true for each individual. The inner psychological state is projected outward, gaining physical reality — and this regardless of the nature of the psychological state. … The rules apply to everyone. You can use them for your own benefit and change your own conditions once you realize what they are.

50 marathons in 22 months !

Well, I guess it is nothing extraordinary after all… but it counts a bit for me ! 

This past Saturday, I completed my marathon number 60 since my debut in May 2004, and the race was my marathon number 50 within 22 calendar months (actually, run number 51 in the timespan of the past 22 months).

Well, it changes nothing, really… the important thing is always the next run… and I take one run at a time. I enjoy one run at a time.

Surely, as time passes by… experience and numbers do add up… but I tend to focus on… “this run”, i.e. being in the present moment.