Another perfect weekend for Woods, Federer and me ;)

Posted by Torr | Marathon | Monday 10 September 2007 07:36

Firstly me: running my 54th marathon, and even in the looks of Spiderman..take a look here.

Federer: Winning his 12th Grand Slam Title, at US Open in New York. Just brilliant ! 

Woods: Winning his 60th PGA Tour victory, as by far the youngest ever (Niclaus was 36 years, Woods is 31).


Soduko Tips

Posted by Torr | Uncategorized | Tuesday 4 September 2007 20:43

Did you notice that a Soduko grid is made up by three permutating pairs in each main row and each main column section of the grid ? No ? Well, it is. Every time, even. This hinsight is of great value when you’re working your way to a solution of a Soduko puzzle. Try it on ! I have explained the whole thing on the page, just follow the link in the side menu, or below. 

So, take a look at my permanent page with my personal Soduko tips here. I do hope that my tips and tricks may help you to sqeeze the air out of those nasty Soduko puzzles !