Meditations – by Marcus Aurelius

Imagine, the most powerful man in the World being a philosopher ! Maybe a hard task these days 😉 However, this was once true… the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was exactly that….and his stoic writings in his book ‘Meditations’ are as valid today as almost 2000 years ago ! Here’s a little teaser:

The present apperance of things will quickly undergo a change, and be either exhaled into common matter or dispersed.

We tend to live and think that everything – even the present moments – is forever and that we can remain safe and static, and so we strive to please our surroundings, our friends, our bosses, the media and so on in this vain. However, all these people will ‘soon’ die and they excert little power over our destiny. So – jugde yourself ! This is another of the great hinsights by Marcus Aurelius, picked up by Pascal and Dostojevskij as well. Make simple rules that apply for your life !

One weekend, two marathons !

This coming weekend I’ll give it a new try to complete two marathons within two days. It kinda failed on New Years Eve, however, this time I think the odds are better. For starters, I actually get to sleep a little between the two races 😉 Secondly, I’m in better shape now and have lost a few pounds as well. Thirdly, I can build on my past experience.

Luckilly, I woun’t be alone on this feat. My Swedish Master Lennart Skoog, especially, and my Danish running mate Leif Skinnerup will both also be in the races, ie. Aarhus marathon on Saturday and Storebaelt Nature marathon on Sunday.

Woohaa, do I look forward to this weekend..oh boy, oh boy 😉 Don’t tell this to someone sane 😉