Posted by Torr | Spirituality | Wednesday 28 March 2007 21:13

Another great book is ‘Pensees’ (Thoughts) by the medieval french philosopher Blaise Pascal. Great, and perhaps forgotten, hinsights are to be found in this book. Here’s a few on vanity:

148. We are so presumptuous that we would wish to be known by all the world, even by people who shall come after, when we shall be no more; and we are so vain that the esteem of five or six neighbours delights and contents us.

149. We do not trouble ourselves about being esteemed in the towns through which we pass. But if we are to remain a little while there, we are so concerned. How long is necessary? A time commensurate with our vain and paltry life.

As rightly stated in the great movie ‘Dangerous Liasons’ with Michelle Pfeiffer, Glenn Close and John Malcovich: “Vanity and happiness are incompatible”.

Give it a deep tought, you !

The Nature of Personal Reality

Posted by Torr | Spirituality | Saturday 10 March 2007 15:24

Few books has changed and enriched my life as much as “The Nature of Personal Reality” by Seth/Jane Roberts. Now, you can read the book – as well as many other books – on…here’s the link !

This thing ? I have just one comment : WOOAWW !!! 


The Return of the lost Chess Survey

Posted by Torr | Chess | Friday 2 March 2007 00:36

In 1999 I conducted the first online chess survey on the planet !

The results were published in a series of articles, both online and in printed magazines, including the Danish ‘Skakbladet’ and were even translated to several lanuguages.

Here, I bring the articles back on-line: